Incident List and Filters

View a filterable list of your incidents

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WeTrack's incident management system has three main ways of viewing your organisation or event's Incidents: the Dashboard, the Incident list, and the Map View. These can be found in the left-hand sidebar. This article will focus on the Incident list.

At the very top of the page you have Filters, which enable you to filter the information in the views below down to the information you need to see (‘Add Filter’), as well as saving filters that you wish to use again (‘My Filters’). Just choose what you want to filter by and click Apply Filters to see the Incidents that fit into the parameters you have chosen. The varied filters will allow you to sort the Incident List to show exactly what you need.

You can also choose which Channel, if any, you are looking at any time.

The Incident List gives you a list of all your Incidents (within the parameters you set in the filters) which is set to just show Open incidents by default; this can also be changed in the top right-hand corner of the page, to All, Draft, or Closed. Also in that corner is a summary of Incidents by severity (indicated by the coloured blocks). Clicking on a severity will filter the list to Incidents of only that severity, while clicking the same box again will deselect the filter and show all again.

The Incident List is also the most common place to quick-add incidents and logs, allowing you to do the majority of your work from this one page.

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