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You can create template checklists in your the Settings area of your Incident Management system so that similar incidents are dealt with in a consistent way. These checklists can be associated with certain incident categories so that they become 'playbooks' for how to deal with incidents of a certain type.

All of this setup can be done well in advance of event day. To create a checklist, click on your avatar in the bottom left-hand corner of any WeTrack page and navigate to Settings > Incidents > Checklists.

Click 'New Checklist' to create a new checklist. You'll be given the option as to whether this checklist should apply to incidents of a particular category, or to incidents assigned to a particular department. Once you have created a checklist, select it from the list and click 'Add Item' to build out the checklist. This will bring up the below modal.

Put in a title and optional description, and star the item to ensure that a user must physically mark the item as complete before the incident can be closed. Create as many items as you need, reorder them if necessary, and that checklist is ready to be used.

When you then create an incident of a certain category, you will be offered the opportunity to add the checklist associated with that category of incident.

This checklist will be added to the incident, and items can be assigned to different users. As items are checked off, these changes are logged and timestamped in the incident's history as a record for future audits, etc. Only once you've completed any starred steps can you close the incident.

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