Closing or Archiving an Incident

Signing off on an incident

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There are two ways to mark an incident as closed or complete.

1 - Incident List

  • Go to the Incident List

  • Select the three dots on the far right of the Incident's tile

  • Out of the options shown, select Close Incident

2 - Within an Incident

  • Select the incident from the Incident List

  • Click the icon next to 'Status'

  • Choose between Open, Draft or Closed.

Closed Incidents can then be found through filters, including in the top right-hand corner of the Incidents List, so that they are visible for later review and audit.

Once an event and any review is concluded, all Incidents can be archived - no longer visible in the system but remaining in the indelible record for security and accountability.

An Incident is archived either by clicking the 3 dots next to an Incident in the Incident List or by selecting the button with three dots in the top right hand corner of the Incident Details Page, and selecting Archive Incident.

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