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WeTrack's Incident Management System is the Incident or Issue tracking system that operations teams switch to at or just before event time. It allows for any problem to be reported/logged, geolocated to a precise location at your site, assigned to those responsible for resolving it, and closed once it no longer poses an issue.


  • are assigned to one or more Venues/Zones and Departments/FAs/Teams;

  • have differing levels of severity;

  • can be assigned to one or more action owners (whose responsibility it is to resolve them);

  • can have documents attached and comments added;

  • and much more.

Incidents can also be marked as Confidential, meaning that only those assigned as action owners will be able to see or update them.

Incident severity is graded by a traffic light system, from 1 to 5, green to red.

Why not start off by reading about how to create an incident?

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