Insurance Policies for your Risks

Insuring against the potential impact of uncertainties

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A new piece of functionality within the WeTrack risks, issues and opportunities module is the ability to upload insurance policies and assign them to relevant risks. This aligns with the ‘Insure’ strategy available to select, if you are able to insure your company or event against the consequences of an uncertainty actually occurring.

To add an insurance policy, admin users should navigate to Settings > Planning > Other Risk Settings, and go down to ‘Edit Insurance Policies’. Click ‘Create Insurance Policy’ to add a policy.

This will bring up the ‘Add Policy Document’ modal. Here, you give your insurance policy a title (which would display on a risk details page if assigned to a risk), select whether you want to upload a file or link, and insert the relevant file or link. Then click ‘Save’ to add the policy.

The title of any added policies will then be available as options on any risk, issue or opportunity details page when a user wants to link an item to one or more of these policies. Click ‘Show More’ to reveal the insurance coverage field, hover over it and click ‘Edit’; you can then choose the title of the policy you wish to add.

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