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Reporting on your Risks, Issues, Opportunities and Actions
Reporting on your Risks, Issues, Opportunities and Actions

Risk, Issue and Opportunity Reports

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You can report on your risks, issues, opportunities and actions in our interactive Reporting module, found in the left-hand sidebar. We recommend checking out our full help section on Reporting.

Building a Risk, Issue and Opportunity report

Go into Reports, and select ‘Build New Report’. Choose to report on the ‘Planning’ module, and choose a Report Type of ‘Risks, Issues and Opportunities’ or ‘Actions’.

There, you can choose filters to build a report tailored to your needs. Set a title; apply any filters; choose which columns to see; select any additional information; type any introductory notes; and click 'Preview' to view the report. If you want to add another layer to your report, click 'Add Section'.

Check out further articles for full detail on building new Reports, and sharing them afterwards.

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