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Editing Risks, Issues, Opportunities and Actions in a list
Editing Risks, Issues, Opportunities and Actions in a list

Quickly making changes to your items in list view

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Often, the quickest and easiest way to edit risk, issue, opportunity and action information will be in a list view. This saves you clicking into the details page of the item if you know there is a quick change you need to make.

This will happen most often on the MyTrack page, but can be done wherever you see an item card with information on it, such as this:

A common change you’ll want to make to risks, issues and opportunities is to quickly update their impact or likelihood score. Do this by clicking on the ‘Impact’ or ‘Likelihood’ lozenges on that item’s card, selecting the new impact or likelihood. The item’s RAG rating will automatically re-calculate with the new impact and likelihood scores.

If you want to update the title of a risk, issues, opportunity, or action, in a list, hover over the existing title, click the blue ‘Edit’ button that appears, type a new title, and click ‘Save’.

You can also update any other information you see on a risk, issue, opportunity or action card. If you want to edit an item’s due date, simply click on the ‘Due Date’ lozenge, make the edit in the ‘date picker’ that appears, and click ‘Apply’ to save.

You can make fuller changes to any item in that item’s details page. Simply click on the item card to be taken into the details page, hover over a field you wish to edit, and click ‘Edit’. You can learn more about that editing process here.

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