WeTrack allows you to change the principal information relating to Risks, Issues, Opportunities and Actions from their Details Pages. Here, you can change any information you see, including impact and likelihood, status, owners, departments, project, impact type, strategy and more!

For risks, issues and opportunities, you can edit the impact and likelihood very quickly, simply clicking the downward-facing arrow and selecting a new impact or likelihood. Any changes automatically update the RAG status of the risk.

Similarly, you can quickly change the status of the Risk between Open, Draft, and Closed, or update the Strategy of the Risk. In the same way, you can quickly change the status of an Action between ‘Draft’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Slipped’, and ‘Complete’.

To change any other information relating to the Risk, Issue, Opportunity or Action, hover over that piece of information, and click the blue pencil that appears. You will then be free to edit. To save any changes made, simply click away.

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