Automatic RAG update rules

Automatic notification of slipping and overdue tasks

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You have the option to set rules for how you would like RAGs to be automatically updated, if at all. This may be useful to maintain engagement in the system and make sure that no overdue or slipping tasks are allowed to go unnoticed.

You can choose to set rules for tasks to turn amber or red. This allows you to say, for example, that you would like all tasks to automatically turn red one day after their due date. Just follow the steps and set rules according to your preferences, adding additional people to notify such as the Project Manager for the project in which the task sits.

Admin users can also choose in this area whether or not an overdue task should be 'locked' as Red until it is completed. If this setting is applied, users will not be able to change the RAG of an overdue task to anything but Blue, unless they change the due date first.

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