Adding Attachments to Projects or Tasks

Attachments in WeTrack

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You may want to attach a file or files to a specific Project or Task. In order to do this, navigate to the Project or Task Details Page by clicking on the title of the item. In the second half of the details page is the Attachments tab, where you can view and add attachments.

Simply click on an existing attachment to view it.

To add a new attachment, choose whether you want to upload a file or a link. If you are uploading a file from your computer, select the file and input a description. You can also select a ‘Document Category’ for the file to sit in, which can be set up in the ‘Document Manager’ section of the Settings area.

If you are uploading a link, simply input the link, a title and a description, and (optional) a Document Category. Then click ‘Confirm’ to save.

The project manager or task owner will be notified that a new attachment has been added to the item, and the number of attachments will display next to the ‘paper clip’ icon in any project or task list. That paper clip can be clicked for the quick viewing of any attachments.

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