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Shortcut: Editing Projects, Tasks and Sub-Tasks in a list
Shortcut: Editing Projects, Tasks and Sub-Tasks in a list

Changing key project and task information, inline

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Often, the quickest and easiest way to edit project, task or other information will be in a list view. This saves you clicking into the details page of the item if you know there is a quick change you need to make.

This will happen most often on the MyTrack page, but can be done wherever you see an item card with information on it, such as this:

The most common change you’ll want to make to tasks and sub-tasks is to quickly update their RAG status. Do this by clicking on the RAG bubble on the left-hand side of the card. If you are updating the RAG to Green (on track) or Blue (complete), you can then simply click ‘Green’ or ‘Blue’ and the change will automatically be applied.

However, if there is a comment you need to make, you can tick the box marked ‘Include Comment’, type in the comment you wish to make, select the RAG you wish to update the task to, and then click ‘Apply’. If you are updating the RAG status to Red or Amber, you must leave a comment explaining the change.

If you want to update the title of a project, task, or other item in a list, hover over the existing title, click the blue ‘Edit’ button that appears, type a new title, and click ‘Save’.

You can also update any other information you see on a project, task or sub-task card. If you want to edit an item’s start date, due date, or both, simply click on either the Start or Due Date, make the edits in the ‘date picker’ that appears, and click ‘Apply’ to save.

You can make fuller changes to a project, task group, task or sub-task in the item’s details page. Simply click on the item card to be taken into the details page, hover over a field you wish to edit, and click ‘Edit’. You can learn more about that editing process here.

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