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Editing Projects, Tasks and Sub-Tasks in their Details Page

Changing key project and task information, inline

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WeTrack allows you to change the principal information relating to Projects, Tasks and Sub-Tasks from their Details Pages. Here, you can change any information you see, including RAG, dates, owners, departments, tags, locations, subscribers and more!

You can edit the RAG status of a Task or Sub-Task wherever you see the RAG bubble, simply by clicking on the bubble and selecting a new colour. If you wish to change the status to Red or Amber, you must enter a comment explaining this change before you click to select the colour.

You can edit Milestone Types or Priority for a task by selecting the drop-down arrow and choosing the desired option.

To change any other information relating to a Task or Project, hover over that piece of information, and click the blue pencil that appears. You will then be free to edit. To save any changes made, simply click away. In the image below, the user is about to edit the FA assigned to this Task.

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