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Dependency control in WeTrack

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WeTrack project and task management module relies on full dependency control. Dependencies are when one Task relies in some way on another Task being completed. Users can also create links between any two object types in the system to allow for better collaboration on related work in WeTrack. This allows users to be automatically informed about changes that might affect them from anywhere in the system. Dependencies work on a notification-only basis, with no automatic updates to items.

The Task dependencies differ from object links in that they are directional, meaning one task depends on the other, and so the notification flow only passes one way, from upstream to downstream.

You can view and add dependencies through the Dependencies tab of any Task Details page or through the Gantt Chart view. The Gantt Chart view is recommended for the easiest visual editing of dependencies, although this makes it more difficult to add dependencies between tasks in different projects. You must be assigned "Gantt Editor" role to make changes to dependencies through the Gantt Chart. For more information, check out our article on Dependencies in the Gantt.

The other way to add dependencies is in the Task Details page. In the second half of the page, you’ll see a tab called ‘Dependencies’. Here, you can view the upstream and downstream dependencies for the task, as well as clicking ‘+ Dependency’ to add new dependencies.

This will open up the ‘Add Dependency’ modal. First, select whether you want to add an upstream or downstream dependency (you can create upstream and downstream dependencies at the same time). Then, search or filter to find the other task that you wish to create a dependency for. Once you have set up all of the dependencies that you need, click ‘Add Dependencies’ to create them.

Owners of dependent Tasks will be notified of any changes to "upstream" Tasks (those they depend on). In the Notification Centre, you can choose how often to be updated on any changes that occur to Tasks upon which you are dependent.

To set up links between a task and another item type, go to the tab called ‘Linked Items’, and click ‘+ Linked Item’. You’ll also see a list of every current link with the task here.

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