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The Projects & Tasks tab on the left-hand sidebar takes you to the Projects & Tasks Homescreen, which gives you a summary of all your Projects, Task Groups, Tasks, Departments and Department Categories.

The third tab shows your Tasks. You can filter this list of Tasks at the top of the page.

In the first line you will see options to Sort / Edit the list of Tasks by certain information types, add a new Task, search for the title of a Task, and see a RAG breakdown of all Tasks in the view.

In laptop view, the following information can be visible for each Task card:

  • the RAG status of the Task;

  • the title of the Task;

  • the Start and Due Dates of the Task;

  • any Action Owner or assigned Departments;

  • the Milestone type of the Task, if applicable;

  • the Project the Task sits in;

  • the Task Groups the Task sits in, if applicable;

  • a count of any attachments or comments for the Task;

  • three dots that allow you to add an update, pin the Task to your MyTrack homepage, or share, archive, or delete the Task. Sharing a Task allows users to share details directly to another user, with a comment.

If you wish to see more or fewer than 20 tasks you can change the view at the bottom of the page to show 5, 10, 50 or 100 tasks on one page.

Clicking on a Task will take you into the Task Details Page.

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