Introduction to Tasks in WeTrack

What is a task and how can it be used?

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Tasks are the backbone of WeTrack. They are flexible in terms of what exactly they represent, their style and their content, but essentially they are items of work that must be accomplished in order for a Project to be complete.

Tasks are unique to a certain Task Group (optional) and Project, and can be specific to a certain Department or the shared responsibility of many Departments. Users can create identical Tasks across different Task Groups and Projects, but they are separate entities that are identifiable by their specific Task Group and Project context.

Tasks can have an Action Owner, whose responsibility it is to see that Task completed; they have a Start and a Due Date to facilitate scheduling; they can have dependencies, meaning that in some instances one Task must be completed before another can be begun.

Tasks can be allocated a RAG Status according to the scale below so that their progress can be monitored and any problems made known:

The full detail behind a task can be found on its details page.

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