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Creating a new Project

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Projects are collections of task groups and tasks that represent a bigger piece of work to be done. There are two places to go to create a Project. You can either click on the ‘Add’ button in the top right-hand corner of the page, and click ‘Add Project’; or you can click ‘+ Project’ at the top of the Projects Homepage.

[NB. Only users with the necessary permissions are allowed to create new Projects.]

Both options take you to the ‘Add New Project’ modal, where you can input the details for your Project.

You can put in the following information:

  • Project Title: make sure this is distinguishable from other projects;

  • Project Ref Code: this also needs to be unique;

  • Privacy Status: you can choose between Open and Confidential, and this affects who can view the Project;

  • Expected Due Date: this is the date by which your project should be completed. Once you have created tasks within the project, the dates of the tasks will determine the actual start and due dates for your project;

  • Assign Owners: any Project Manager(s) for the project;

  • Assign Departments: any Lead Department for the project.

If there is further information which you need to input, you can click ‘Show More’, to bring up the following options:

  • Event: if applicable, associate the project to the event which you are working on;

  • Status: here, you can choose between Proposed, Active and Closed, depending on whether the project is yet-to-be-confirmed, being actively worked on, or completed and closed;

  • Description: here you can type a formattable description for the project;

  • Tags: here you can select any tags that apply to the project. These are all set up in the Tag Manager section of the Settings area.

Then, simply Save and Close to create the Project. You can also use the Keyboard Shortcuts or the downward-facing arrow to have the option of Saving the Project and going straight to its Details Page (for example, to add Task Groups and Tasks immediately), or Saving the Project and adding another straightaway.

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