Introduction to Project Management

Managing your work with WeTrack

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Welcome to WeTrack! You have been given access to WeTrack to create, monitor and update your projects and tasks. WeTrack allows you to plan and track work across all your projects, and allows for collaboration across multiple projects and multiple departments.

In WeTrack, the work you are doing is laid out in the following structure:

  • Projects contain tasks which need to be carried out in order for the project to be complete. A project is a distinct set of work with an achievable endpoint. It can consist of hundreds of tasks, or fewer than 20. A task is the basic unit of work in WeTrack. Tasks can last for one day or for several months; they can be insignificant actions which just require monitoring, or very important milestones without which your project would fail.

  • If needed, these tasks can be grouped into task groups, and tasks can also be divided into sub-tasks. Task groups are optional; use them to create a collection of tasks in a project which all contribute to the same piece of work or section of the project. Each task group is specific to a project and you can create task groups from any project details page.

  • These tasks and sub-tasks are then assigned to one or more departments and owners (individuals), who are those doing the work.

There are also further ways of categorising your projects and tasks, using tags.

RAG status is the coloured system which indicates task progress in WeTrack:

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