Side Panel Navigation in WeTrack

Navigating between projects and tasks in the hierarchy

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The new Side Panel, which appears on the left of the screen when you are viewing a Project, Task, Risk or other item in detail, is a key navigation component when using WeTrack on a desktop or tablet. It allows users to more quickly move back and forth between lists and details pages, or through different levels of hierarchy, such as for projects and tasks.

The side panel will always have the selected item (the object for which you are looking at a details page) ‘in focus’, with other items below. There is a header indicating the item type you are looking at (icon and name), and a back button to take you back to the previous page.

For Projects & Tasks, the rest of the side panel is a hierarchy view, showing project, then task group, then task, then sub-task, as you move through the levels to the item which you are viewing. Below this is a list of similar items, which is filtered if there are filters applied.

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