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Saving yourself time in WeTrack

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There are a number of places within the WeTrack system where you can use a keyboard shortcut to increase speed and save clicks. These are clearly identified by ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ text, and you can hover over this text to learn what shortcuts are available to you.

For example, when adding a new item using the Add button in the top right-hand corner of the page, you can:

  • Hit ‘Enter’ to save and close the new item;

  • Hit ‘Ctrl / Cmd + Enter’ to save the new item and view its details;

  • Hit ‘Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + Enter’ to save the new item and add another.

If you would like, we would encourage you to get to know these new shortcuts and use them where possible – making your WeTrack experience that tiny bit quicker and smoother!

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