WeTrack's New Notification Centre

Viewing notifications inside the WeTrack system

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We have built a new Notification Centre to enable users to see their notifications from within the WeTrack application for the first time. It can be found by clicking the ‘bell’ icon in the bottom left-hand corner of any WeTrack page. When you have new unread notifications, a badge displays next to the ‘bell’ with a count of how many new notifications you have.

The Notification Centre allows users to:

  • See a headline update of changes to items which they own or subscribe to;

  • Click on a notification to be taken to the history feed of the item which has changed;

  • Mark notifications as read and unread;

  • Clear notifications that they have read and no longer need;

  • and View other news and updates sent from the WeTrack team.

This Notification Centre is designed to boost communication and collaboration between users within the WeTrack system, helping you to stay on top of items, updates and more that require your attention.

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