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Setting Notification Preferences in WeTrack
Setting Notification Preferences in WeTrack

Editing your notification settings

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The capability of the WeTrack system to provide users with regular updates on the progress of their Projects and Tasks is considerable. In β€˜My Preferences’ you can change your preferences and decide how often you would like email notifications sent to you for a variety of different criteria.

This can be found by clicking your avatar in the bottom left-hand corner of any WeTrack page. One of the tabs on that new page is called Notifications, and gives you the option to edit how often you receive email notifications.

NB. If a notification preference is set to 'Immediately': the system will batch up your updates from the last 15 minutes into one email - rather than sending you a new email every single time something changes!

A new Notification Centre now allows you to see notifications from within the WeTrack application. Read this article to learn more.

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