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Finding your way around WeTrack

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The Toolbar at the top of the screen and the Sidebar on the left of the screen provide the navigation and filtering tools you need to find the information you need in WeTrack. The different links are explained below.

The Sidebar

At the top of the sidebar, you see which WeTrack account you are using, and have the option to switch account if you have access to multiple.

Below that, are the two areas of the system that apply no matter which module you are in:

  • MyTrack: Your personal WeTrack hub, showing a breakdown of your project, task and risk statuses, as well as your overdue and upcoming items.

  • Reports: Create, view, and download reports, and share them with other users.

The next section of the page is the Module Picker. Depending on which WeTrack modules you are using, you might have the choice of Planning (Projects and Risks), Control (Incidents and Checks), Readiness, or Run Sheets. Use the drop-down to pick the module you wish to view.

This will then bring up the list of pages applicable to the selected module. Click the links to explore any page in further detail.

At the bottom of the sidebar, are three more options to help you make best use of your WeTrack system. These are:

  • Help Centre and Live Chat widget, for support in using the system, signified by the ‘question mark’ icon;

  • Notification Centre, with a number depicting how many new notifications you have;

  • Your Profile, allowing you to access ‘My Preferences’ to make changes to your profile, password, or notifications, or letting you logout from WeTrack.

  • You also access Settings through Your Profile. Access and manage administrator settings here if you have the required permissions.

The Toolbar

The top toolbar is key to finding and creating information in WeTrack. It hosts the filters that are applied to whatever page you are looking at, letting you apply filters, remove filters, or save filters as favourite. Read our full article on Filters to learn more.

You can also Search for any item in the module that you are in, by clicking the ‘magnifying glass’ icon, typing a term and clicking ‘Enter’. This will display a results page which looks like the following.

Finally, you can create new items from scratch by clicking the ‘Add’ button. The available options change based on which WeTrack module you are currently in, but would look like this in the Planning module. Clicking on any of these options would open a modal, allowing you to create full information for this new item.

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