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MyTrack is your personal hub of the WeTrack system. It provides a quick overview of your overall progress, as well as what Tasks, Risks and Issues are overdue and upcoming, any items that you have pinned, and your personal checklist. Users will be able to do a large amount of their work directly in MyTrack.

The first part of the page provides summary containers containing important statistics on the status of your Tasks, Milestones, Risks, Issues & Opportunities (if switched on) and a count of overdue and upcoming items.

What follows are four widgets, as follows:

  • Overdue Items (left): this widget shows any items which are past their due date. Completed tasks and closed risks/issues are excluded from this list. Click on any title to view full details or make inline edits straight from the table.

  • Upcoming Items (right): this widget shows the items (tasks, sub-tasks, risks, issues and action steps) which are due in the next 30 days. Click on any title to view full details, or make inline edits straight from the table.

  • Pinned Items (below left): this widget allows users to keep track of the work they are doing more easily by accessing these items more quickly. On an item’s card or details page, you can click the More (…) button to pin or un-pin the item to MyTrack.

  • Personal Checklist (below right): this widget allows users to quickly add personal items in the form of a ‘to-do list’. Users can quickly create an item with a title, and then mark it as a starred item or as complete. Click and drag the ‘two lines’ icon next to a checklist item to reorder items in the list. Completed personal items disappear but can be viewed again at a later date if necessary.

The first three widgets allow you to make changes to any data which you see. Click on any RAG bubble to quickly update it, or select any other visible field to make changes. We recommend reading our full article on inline editing here.

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