WeTrack is a fully responsive web application that will work not only on any desktop or laptop computer, but also on mobile and tablet. To access WeTrack on a mobile, simply follow these steps;

  • Open up you mobile browser (Chrome, Safari etc)

  • In the URL link, enter your organisations WeTrack site, eg: football.wetrack.com

  • You might need to enter your email and password

  • From there you should see a condensed version of the desktop site.

  • Using the 'hamburger icon'/three lines at the top right of the page, you can navigate between different modules and sections

Because of the level of detail in some of the WeTrack™ modules, some functionality is limited when the system is viewed on a smaller screen. This may mean that you have to enter the Task or Project details page to view further details, such as Sub-Tasks, Comments, Attachments, etc.

There are also certain modules or features that are not available on mobile devices when using WeTrack. These are:

  • Gantt Chart

  • Imports

Thank you for using WeTrack!

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