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Introduction to Filters in WeTrack
Introduction to Filters in WeTrack

Using filters to view the information you really need

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There are different types of filters across the WeTrack system allowing for great flexibility in how you view information about your Projects, Tasks, Departments, etc.

Filters allow you to drill down into the information you really want to view on nay page. The system uses ‘AND’ filters, rather than ‘OR’ filters: if you add multiple parameters to the filters, WeTrack will only return the results that match ALL the selected parameters.

Filters appear in a standardised form across the whole system. Everything sits at the top of the page, with ‘Add Filter’ and ‘My Filters’ sitting alongside ‘Search’, allowing you to quickly find any information you need.

Any filters you add will appear at the top of the page. You then have the option of applying additional filters, saving your current set of filters as a favourite set (so that you can quickly use them again another time), or removing the applied filters.

To save a current filter set as one of your favourites, simply click the ‘heart’ icon, give the filter set a title and click ‘Save’. To apply a saved filter set click ‘My Filters’, select the favourite filter set, and click ‘Apply.

In 'My Filters', you'll also find a list of Suggested Filters, giving you quicker access to popular filter combinations. Just select 'Suggested' to see these quick filtering combinations.

In pages such as Reports and Imports, filters work in exactly the same way but appear lower down in the page.

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