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Rating your tasks in WeTrack

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There are five ratings - colour-coded RAG settings - that can be applied to tasks in the WeTrack™ system:

Grey: Work on this task has not been started. Not all tasks need to be started at the same time, but once work has started, the user should change the rating into one of the other categories. Grey tasks are ignored when averaging across the task ratings to produce a summary RAG rating for a project.

Red: Work on the task has either slipped, is in imminent danger of slipping or is a long way short of meeting the required standard (e.g. has not performed well under a test). Red ratings are important to a project and should be identified as soon as appropriate to allow for greater attention and/or resources to be assigned to that task.

Amber: Work on this task is slipping behind schedule or is only partially meeting the standard expected.

Green: Work on this task is on target and fully meeting the standard expected. This rating means progress is as expected so should not cause any concern. Remember, if a task starts to slip, it is in everyone's best interests that it be down-rated as soon as possible.

Blue: This means that the task is complete and has had necessary sign-off/confirmation from the task owner/manager. Often, you might attach some documentation inside the task confirming this is so.

NOTE: When a task is given a Red or Amber rating, WeTrack™ obliges the user to make a comment explaining this rating. Any changes in RAG rating as well as related comments are recorded in the task audit history.

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