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Starting out with reporting in WeTrack

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Thank you for signing up to WeTrack! This guide, as with our other quick-start guides, is designed to help you explore WeTrack and get to know the system in its simplest form.

Reporting underpins every WeTrack module. At your disposal are a wide range of intuitive and interactive Reports that offer a powerful and exciting way of viewing and comparing information from your WeTrack system. You can access the Reports area from the left-hand sidebar on any WeTrack page.

The five tabs hold the five key areas in the reports module:

  • Favourite Reports: Save reports as Favourite to return to view them here whenever you need to.

  • Suggested Reports: This lists reports that have been suggested to you by other members of your team, or that you have suggested to them.

  • Draft Reports: Here is a list of reports that you have been working on but have not yet finished, saved, suggested or shared.

  • Shared Reports: You can email any report to any user as frequently as you wish, with admin users able to manage daily, weekly or monthly reports that are shared throughout the team.

  • Build New Report: Here you can build a new report on any aspect of your system, whichever module you are using. Sets of filters and other customisable options allow you to hone your report to your exact need, and only display the necessary information.

For far more comprehensive explanations of the functionality of the WeTrack system, check out the rest of our support centre or get in touch to arrange a training session with the team! Here is the full collection of articles on our reporting centre.

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