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Welcome to WeTrack!
Welcome to WeTrack - Incident Management
Welcome to WeTrack - Incident Management

Starting out in the WeTrack incident management module

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Thank you for signing up to WeTrack! This guide is designed to help you explore WeTrack and get to know the system in its simplest form.

The first step is to create an account and log-in. We’ll send you a system invite looking something like the below – just click the ‘Accept Invitation’ link to create a password, and then log-in.

There is a huge amount of functionality in the WeTrack system, but here we’ll just show you the key places to go to create information, and view information.

The first place to go to create information is to the top right-hand corner of the page. Click ‘Add’, to add an incident, or log.

This opens up the Add Incident or Add Log modal. Fill in any necessary information and click through to create the item.

There are a few different ways to view your incident information in WeTrack, all available from the left-hand sidebar. The first is the Dashboard, which provides a filterable overview of your incidents, including Recently Added, High Severity, various Incident Breakdowns, and a recent Activity list.

Next is the Incident List, a full list of your incidents, and the easiest way to find an incident in the system to update information or close an incident.

The final main source of information is the Map View - a view that naturally becomes more and more useful, the more incidents that are added.

For far more comprehensive explanations of the functionality of the WeTrack system, check out the rest of our support centre or get in touch to arrange a training session with the team!

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