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Starting out in the WeTrack readiness module

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Thank you for signing up to WeTrack! This guide is designed to help you explore WeTrack and get to know the system in its simplest form.

The first step is to create an account and log-in. We’ll send you a system invite looking something like the below – just click the ‘Accept Invitation’ link to create a password, and then log-in.

If you have access to multiple modules in the WeTrack system, you might need to switch module in the left-hand sidebar. This can be done by clicking the toggle in the second half of the bar.

We have a full Readiness support section here, and a workflow for using the module here, so this article is just a brief introduction to the module.

Users build up their list of Capabilities here.

Then, plan the Activities at which these capabilities will be tested, here:

Then match up which activities each capability will be tested at, which will be done either in the system or in an import.

Once you have setup your system and the events start, the module works on a GRAB (Grey, Red, Amber, Blue) basis:

You can then add Lessons or Actions that come out of the activities and work towards making the capability ready.

The Lookahead, Calendar and Dashboard views are three options from the sidebar at which you can overview your capabilities, activities and results.

Explore the full Readiness help centre here.

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