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Welcome to WeTrack!
Welcome to WeTrack - Project Management
Welcome to WeTrack - Project Management

Starting out in the WeTrack project management module

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Thank you for signing up to WeTrack! This guide is designed to help you explore WeTrack and get to know the system in its simplest form.

The first step is to create an account and log-in. We’ll send you a system invite looking something like the below – just click the ‘Accept Invitation’ link to create a password, and then log-in.

When you log in you’ll be taken to this page. This is MyTrack, your system hub – it provides a quick overview of your overall progress as well as any upcoming or overdue tasks, risks and issues, along with your pinned items.

There is a huge amount of functionality in the WeTrack system, but here we’ll just show you the key place to go to create information, and view information.

The first place to go to create information is to the top right-hand corner of the page. Click ‘Add’, to add a task, risk/issue, or project. Start off by creating a Project, and then create some Tasks to add to it.

The left-hand sidebar is the place to go to view your information holistically. The Planning toggle shows that this is the Planning module as opposed to Readiness, Run Sheets or Control. The options here let you view summary dashboards, projects, teams/departments and tasks, risks, issues and opportunities, Gantt or Calendar views, History, Reports, and Settings.

For far more comprehensive explanations of the functionality of the WeTrack system, check out the rest of our support centre or get in touch to arrange a training session with the team!

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