How to import and export run sheets

On any Run Sheet Details Page, you can click the 'three dots' in the top right-hand corner of the run sheet to open up a range of options for manipulating data related to the run sheet.

You can Duplicate the Run Sheet (creating a copy, with all items duplicated) and modify any existing data, for example if you want to re-use the same or a similar run sheet for multiple event or matchdays.

You can also delete the Run Sheet if you created it in error or if it is not required. Only live or upcoming run sheets display in the Run Sheet List so there is no need to delete past run sheets.

Exporting a Run Sheet

Select 'Export as PDF' or 'Export as Excel' to export all run sheet items into a document in time order. The PDF export will also include details about the run sheet in a header section.

Importing Run Sheet items

The process to import new run sheet items is two-part. First, click 'Export a Template', to receive a copy of the Excel format into which your run sheet items should be populated. Any department, owner or zone names need to exactly match the format of those items in the system. Once populated, save the template.

Then return to the run sheet into which you wish to import the items, click the three dots again, and click 'Import from Excel'. Select the file from your computer, and the items will import.

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