Importing and Exporting Run Sheets
Importing new run sheets and exporting current ones
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How to import and export run sheets

Exporting a Run Sheet

To export a run sheet for the day, make sure to go through the following steps;

  • Go to the Reports section

  • Select 'Build a New Report' at the top of the page.

  • Within the 'What do you want to report on?' page, click on the Run Sheet option

  • Within the Run Sheet Type option choose 'Run Sheet Items'

  • Select the 'Build' option next to 'Items from Run Sheets happening today'

This will bring you to a page that looks like the below;

From here you can

  • Update the Name of the export in the Title section

  • Filter by your Venue. To do this select the + sign, choose Run Sheet Item Venue > Select your Venue

  • Filter by your FA. To do this, select + sign, choose Functional Area > Select your Functional Area (Please note multiple filters can be applied)

  • Add a description which will appear at the top of the report

  • You can also add another section, if you'd like to export 2 venues run sheets for example

Once you're ready to export, click Preview. By clicking Preview you should see three options in the top right of the page;

  • Export - Allows you to download the run sheet straight to your machine in either PDF or Excel format

  • Share - Here you can share the report that has been created with other users of the system via email

  • Save - This allows you to save this report as a template & as a suggested file in the reports section for other users. This means that when you need to download a run sheet again, you can use this template rather than building it from scratch.

Importing Run Sheets & Run Sheet items

There is the ability to import a collection of run sheets (EG: All match days) or import run sheet items (EG: kick off, half time, gates open) to already created run sheets in the system.

First, click 'Export a Template', to receive a copy of the Excel format into which your run sheet items should be populated. Any department, owner or zone names need to exactly match the format of those items in the system. Once populated, save the template.

Then return to the run sheet into which you wish to import the items, click the three dots again, and click 'Import from Excel'. Select the file from your computer, and the items will import.

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