View your run sheet and its items

You can click on any Run Sheet in the List (available from the left-hand sidebar) to view further details about that Run Sheet and any items within it. The page will look something like this:

This page contains the following information:

  • Title

  • Date and Start Time

  • Any Action Owners and Teams / Departments / FAs that have been assigned to the run sheet

  • Any location Zones that have been assigned to the run sheet

  • Click Show More to see creation details, unique ID number, and any Notes added to the run sheet.

The second tab in the top of the page lets you view your run sheet items on a map.

The second half of the page shows you the following information:

  • Run Sheet Items: all items that have been created for this run sheet. Click 'Add' to add more items. You can also delete items or sort them by department or zone, rather than time (which is the default).

  • History: a full, indelible audit history for this run sheet and the items within it.

  • Attachments: any attachments that have been added to this run sheet.

  • Subscribers: here you can add subscribers to be notified about the run sheet if necessary.

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