How to add run sheet items

Once you have created the framework of your Run Sheet, you'll want to add individual items to it. You can do this by clicking into the run sheet and within the Items section, adding the running schedule.

To add a run sheet item, simply;

  • Click on the '+ Run Sheet Item' in the items column

Here, you can input the following information:

  • Title*: give the run sheet item a full and unique title.

  • Priority: Using the star matrix, you can determine the level of priority for this item from 1-3. These items will appear bold within the run sheet page and you will be able to filter by them within the reports section. This can also be left blank

  • Requires completed: mark whether this run sheet item needs to be marked as complete.

  • Assign Owners: This can be used if one or more people within the organisation will be responsible for this item.

  • Assign Functional Area/Department: To give better visibility for everyone, you can determine what items will be the responsibility of each department.

  • Time*: Time can be either determined as a fixed time or depending on another item, a more detailed description of this can be found here.

  • Description: If you would like to add a fuller description of the item or add any general note to it, you can do so within this field,

  • Zone and Area: Using the location manager, you can set where this item will be happening. This will give a broader understanding as to where actions are happening through the run sheets Gantt Chart

Then, you can click Save, to create the item straightaway.

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