How to add run sheet items

Once you have created the framework of your Run Sheet, you'll want to add individual items to it. You do this by navigating to the Run Sheet Details Page. If you have just created your run sheet, you'll be there automatically; if not, navigate to the List in the left-hand sidebar, and then select the run sheet that you wish to add items too.

In the top half of the page you'll see general information about the run sheet. In the bottom half of the page, the first tab is 'Run Sheet Items'. Go here and click 'Add' to add your first item. This will bring up the following modal:

Here, you input the following information:

  • Title: give the run sheet item a full and unique title.

  • Needs to be marked as complete: mark whether this run sheet item needs to be marked as complete.

  • Star item: mark whether this is a starred item; if you do, it will appear in bold with a star next to it in the list of items.

  • Start Time: set the start time, and date if different from the date of the run sheet (could be the day before).

  • Set end time: You have the option to set an end time for the item, if required.

  • Time depends on another item: If the time of this item is dependent on another item and you would want the time of this item to change automatically if the time of the other item changes, check this box and select the dependent item.

Then, you can either click Save and Exit, to create the item straightaway, or Next, to assign Action Owners and Teams / Departments / FAs, add a Description, or input a Location. Then you can save, and the item will be created.

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