How to add a run sheet

Run Sheets are parent items - the specific daily schedules - that can pool items for various zones, departments, etc., or may be specific to one of these. They happen on a specific day, but the items they contain are not limited to one 24 hour period.

To create a run sheet, click on '+ Run Sheet' in the top right-hand corner of the Lists page. This will bring up the following modal, where you build out the basic information of your run sheet.

  • First, give your run sheet a Title, EG: Show Day 1, USA vs Poland

  • Add in the Date this running order will be taking place

  • The next fields are all optional. You might assign an owner and/or department to the run sheet, a zone if you have set up locations in the Location Manager, or if the schedule is tied to an event set up in your system, you can select it from the dropdown. Lastly, you can add notes to give a high level overview.

Click Save and View Details to create the run sheet. You'll be taken to the Run Sheet Details Page, where you can add items.

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