Introduction to Run Sheets
Welcome to WeTrack's Run Sheets module
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Introducing Run Sheets

Run Sheets (also known as production schedules, call sheets, running orders and so much more!) are minute-by-minute schedules used to share visibility of what should be happening, where and when, during any event, match, etc.

In their most basic form, they are a timing schedule of what is happening in one day. They become more complex when adding in different schedules for different departments, zones, people, and when some of the scheduled items have timing dependencies on other items.

Traditionally, these have been very static documents which, once printed out for workers, are out of date almost immediately. The point of making these digital is to make a more dynamic schedule which can notify people of delays, adjust schedules accordingly, etc.

Explore the rest of this section for support material on how to use WeTrack's run sheets module.

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