Resolution status for checks

As the results of checks are being fed back to event control, they are assigned a resolution status. This allows you to track which checks are resolved, which checks are being resolved, which checks need to be resolved, and which checks can't be resolved!

Passed checks are automatically assigned as 'Resolved', while Failed or Unsure checks are automatically assigned as 'Awaiting Resolution'. The other two possible assignments are 'In Progress' or 'Unresolved'. Using these statuses allows you to see any live checks which require action in event control.

This is useful in both the Checklists Summary and Checklists List (pictured) pages, both available from the left-hand sidebar. You can immediately see any checks that need resolving.

To change the resolution status for a check, or to view or add comments and attachments to communicate with the individual carrying out the check, simply click on the check to open the checks modal.

Simply click on the resolution status towards the top of the page to open the following options and change the status. This saves automatically and will be updated in the Checklists Summary and Checklists List.

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