Security of Checks

We have included plenty of functionality to ensure that checks are valid and genuine, that individuals are held accountable for checks, and that your checks are saved and secure when roaming on-site:

  • Call sign: When an individual receives a checklist and begins to fill it in, they can add their call sign to uniquely identify themselves along with their name.

  • Verification: An individual who receives a checklist has to tick a box promising that the results they input will be genuine: 'I confirm that the information I will provide in this form is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete'.

  • Access: Any individual can receive a checklist to complete, whether they are a WeTrack user or an external user.

  • Single access: Each checklist can only be accessed on one device at any time, ensuring a single, live source of truth for every check.

  • Offline functionality: You can update your checks even if your device goes offline, as they will be uploaded as soon as your device returns online. This means you cannot 'lose' any results of checks through going offline.

  • Random photo evidence: The system will randomly ask a user to upload a photo to confirm the result of a check. This is to ensure that the individual is in situ as they carry out the checks.

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