Viewing an active or past checklist

As viewing the individual status of a check, you can also overview an active or past checklist (specific to an event or date), and the checkpoints and checks within. Navigate to the Checklists List from the left-hand sidebar, and select a checklist to be taken to the Details Page for that checklist.

A Checklist Details Page looks like this:

Here, you can view full information about the checklist, including the status of checks, general information such as time sent, time started, event name and event date, as well as the assignee and their call sign.

Below, you can view a list of checkpoints contained within the checklist, and the checks associated to each checkpoint. If viewing an active checklist, this allows you to monitor, comment on and respond to checks. If you are viewing a past checklist, the History tab allows you to view full indelible audit history of the checklist and all checks within.

NB. If you are not using mobile, you can click 'Start Checklist' here to begin carrying out the checks.

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