Resolving checks

When you are monitoring checks in event control, you can drill down into a particular check in order to communicate with the individual carrying out the check and update a resolution status.

To see an overview of your checks, navigate to 'Checklists List' in the left-hand sidebar, and change the option in the top-right of the page from 'Show as Checklists' to 'Show as Checks'. Toggle between 'Show All' and 'Show Active' depending on whether you need to view live or historic checks.

This will bring up a summary view of checks which looks like this:

On this screen, you can mark checks directly as Fail, Unsure or Pass if you have that information in event control. Any change like this will be recorded in the check's indelible audit history.

You can also click into a check to bring up further information such as history and comments, attachments, and resolution status. The check modal looks like this:

Use the History tab to view the full audit history of the check since creation, or to add a comment which will be seen by the individual carrying out this check. You can also view or add attachments to the check.

Here, you can also update the resolution status for the check. A check that has passed will automatically be labelled as resolved. For checks that are marked as Fail or Unsure, you can choose a resolution status of 'Unresolved', 'Awaiting Resolution', 'In Progress', or 'Resolved'. This allows you to track the status of checks that have not passed through to successful completion.

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