See a list of all Checklists and Checks

To view a full overview of your Checklists and Checks, whether active or past, navigate to 'Checklists List' in the left-hand sidebar. You can choose whether to see a list of checklists or a list of checks, and the page looks like this:

This gives you an instant overview of the status of your checklists or checks. Crucially, you can then click into an individual checklist or check to see further information, or leave a comment, change its status, or interact with the individual carrying out the checklist or check.

Sorting by checks allows you to see Failed and Unsure checks as they come in to event control. Each check will display its resolution status. Any Failed or Unsure checks that come in will automatically display a status of 'Awaiting Resolution', allowing you to see any live checks which require action in event control. Click into a check to open the checks modal to change the resolution status, or view or add comments and attachments to interact with the individual carrying out the check.

  • Clicking on a checklist takes you to the Checklist Details Page: here you can view further information, such as location, and see a breakdown of checks within that checklist.

  • Clicking on a Check opens up the Checks modal: here you can add comments and attachments, and respond to unsure or failed checks with a resolution status.

On this page you can see Active Checklists or All Checklists, search for a specific checklist or check, and sort by Title, Assignee, or Failed Checks.

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