Marking off your checks

Once the event control or relevant team have created and scheduled your checks and checklists, users can begin to carry out the checks. If you have been assigned a checklist, you will receive an email that looks like this.

Click the access button to begin your check. This is designed to be carried out simply and easily, on location, on a mobile or tablet. When you are ready, on the next page click 'Get Started'.

The first page to complete concerns your personal information and security authentication. Put in your name, call sign (if applicable), and tick the box to confirm that you are going to provide true and complete information.

Now you carry out the checks, on a scrollable screen which will look like this:

Simply go through and record the results as you carry out the checks. These results will feed immediately back to event control, so that event control can interact with the results, comment on questions and send assistance / maintenance where required.

If you mark a check as 'Fail' or 'Unsure', you will be asked to leave a comment, which is fed back to control. You will then be given the option to upload photo evidence, if useful.

You might also be randomly asked for photo evidence of a check, even if 'Passed'. This is a security measure to ensure that all checks are being carried out on site, and are genuine!

When all checks have passed (first image), you will taken back to your list of checklists (second image). This allows you to review completed checklists, if necessary, or begin another checklist.

If you have completed all of your active checklists, then congratulations - your work here is done!

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