Introduction to Venue Checks module

Before an event or a venue opens its doors to the public, there are a set of checks that have to be carried out in order to ensure that everything is safe and ready to go. These checks are carried out by individuals on the ground who are in “control” of a particular aspect or area of the event / venue.

WeTrack has developed software to digitise and automate this process. Here we lay out the workflow for using this module.

Workflow for using the module

  • User creates a list of the types of checkpoints they have at their event / venue, such as 'Emergency Exits'.

  • User creates generic template lists of checks, such as 'Emergency Exits lighting up correctly'.

  • User creates a list of the checkpoints (areas or aspects of the event / venue) at which checks need to be carried out, such as 'South Stand concourse'.

  • User then maps out checklists which are populated from that larger list of checkpoints, according to the checkpoint type (e.g. lift checkpoints would always produce a certain set of checks).

  • Individuals (call-signs, stewards, etc) responsible for carrying out each checklist are assigned a group of checklists by the event controller.

  • Checklists are sent to those individuals by the event controller so that they can perform the checks.

  • Individuals carry out the checks on location, marking off the result of each item as they go.

  • Random checks are applied to make sure that the individuals are in situ when marking items complete.

  • Results from the checks are fed through to a dashboard in event control whereby check failures can be monitored and dealt with accordingly (by sending someone, such as a maintenance team member, to deal with the problem).

  • Once all of the checks have been carried out and there are no sufficiently severe failures outstanding, the event / venue can open.

Follow the links to learn more on each step of the workflow.

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