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Update 18th May 2020: Shared Reports, Events Manager, Settings, etc.
Update 18th May 2020: Shared Reports, Events Manager, Settings, etc.
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While the rebuild of the Projects and Risks module continues, there have been some big changes in the background. These will make sharing reports easier to manage, make the Control module more focussed on the events you will soon be working on, help with navigation around the admin settings, make it easier to get data and charts out of dashboards, and much more.

Shared Reports Updates

The report sharing/sending functionality has been given a major overhaul, following feedback from lots of you about how you want more control over the reports you have shared and those you are receiving. In the Shared Reports tab of the Reporting centre, you will now see a dropdown which allows you to see the following three views of shared reports:

  • Reports shared with me - those reports that have been sent to you by other users

  • Reports I shared - reports that you shared with other users

  • All shared reports - a view for admin users to be able to manage shared reports centrally

The reports are laid out in tables which give fuller details of when, how and to whom they are sent. Simply click on a report to view it, or click on the ... button on the right for other options, such as editing (where you are allowed to), unsubscribing or deleting.

Events Functionality

There is now a dedicated place to create a list of the events you are managing. Admin users can create events and categorise them, set their duration and choose whether to set them "Live". Setting an event Live then allows for users in the Control module to have a focussed view of that event, meaning that everything they see and everything they add will be related to that event.

If you are working on an event that is live, you will be presented with the option to select that live event when you login to the Control module. Choosing a live event will give you the focussed view of the event described above.

Find more information on Events in this article.

New Settings Area

We had become aware that the Admin Settings area was becoming difficult to find your way around, and with several new settings arriving in this and future updates, we decided that it was time for a redesign...

Admin users will notice that everything is still laid out in the same order and under the same headings, but that different settings now have their own pages (rather than sitting far down a long list of settings) and that you can navigate the settings much more easily using the side panel list.

Other changes and improvements

There were also many other fixes, changes and improvements, including:

  • Charts and widgets on dashboards can now be downloaded as image files for including in presentations and reports as needed.

  • Improvements to reporting, with new filters (last 7 days date filter) and a whole new report in the Control module reporting, showing a breakdown of incidents by category.

  • Prettier PDFs for your reports: small improvements to how the extra row is shown when exported to PDF.

  • Fixes around adding and editing users, departments and department categories.

  • ...and many more fixes and improvements based on your thoughts and feedback.

We would love to hear your thoughts on any of these changes - please let us know what you think!

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