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Update 14th February 2020: Live updates, Channels, and other Incidents improvements
Update 14th February 2020: Live updates, Channels, and other Incidents improvements
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This release includes several changes to the Incidents module, as well as other system-wide improvements and fixes. The major changes to the Incidents module are as follows:

  • Live updates of all information as it happens: when another user adds or edits an incident, or makes other changes in the module, those changes will appear on your screen as they happen.

  • Channels: If you have a control room with several radio channels, this new feature allows you to specify your channels and assign certain users to them, so that every Incident or Log that is created by one of your Channel controllers is automatically assigned to that channel. This will help filter out the "noise" elsewhere in the control room and keep you focussed on the incidents and logs that you need to know about.

  • The layout of the Incident details page has changed to make it easier for you to navigate. All Incident details are now stored in one tab with a collapsible area for the additional information, while all location information is not housed in a single tab at the top of the page.

  • Several shortcuts to allow quicker adding of information have been added - the Headline Status field is now clickable to allow you to add your key updates more quickly, while all comments can now be quickly added by pressing Ctrl + Return rather than having to click the "Add Comment" button.

There are also fixes and improvements in several other areas:

  • Description is now available as an extra row on Incident Reports, while the Description itself is also a formattable field.

  • Dashboard widget positions are now customisable by every user - they can drag widgets to their preferred locations and these preferences will be saved.

  • Start and End times can now be set for Incidents allowing for more granularity around the timeline in which events occurred.

  • Reports that have been shared with you and are sending automatically are now stored in their own tab on the reports pages, called "Shared Reports". You can then control the settings for these reports and stop them sending, as required.

  • And many other smaller changes and bug fixes.

As ever, please send any feedback, questions or comments to [email protected] - we would love to hear from you!

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