Taking actions arising from your evaluations

An Action is a specific task which arises from a lesson learnt from an evaluation. Actions should be completed to enable a capability to have a better chance of passing next time it is evaluated. Therefore, owners and due dates can be added for actions.

A full list of your Actions can be found by selecting ‘Capabilities’ in the sidebar, and selecting 'Actions' at the top of the page. This is a filterable list, displaying the following information:

  • Title;

  • The owner of the action;

  • The due date of the action;

  • A status bar, where you can choose whether the action is Draft, Slipped, Active or Complete;

  • and a More button, signified by 3 dots: click for options to archive, delete, add an update to or share the Action.

Click an Action to open the View Action modal. This displays full details of the Action, including the lesson, capability and activity to which it relates. You can also add a fuller description or an action type (pre-set by admin users in Settings).

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