Linking up your activities and capabilities

Having created your list of capabilities and the activities that they will be tested at, you now need to map them together into Evaluations. An evaluation happens when a capability is tested at an activity.

This can be done whether you see '+ Evaluation', whether at the top of the Evaluations list (found by clicking 'Activities' in the left-hand sidebar), on an Activity Details Page (in the Evaluations tab), or in the top right-hand corner of any page in the Readiness module.

Once you have clicked on '+ Evaluation', you first need to select the activity for which you want to create evaluations. (If you have come here from an Activity Details Page, the activity will be pre-selected.) Then, simply select the capabilities on the left, click 'Add Selected' to move them over to the right, and then click 'Add X New Evaluations' in the bottom right-hand corner to create the Evaluations.

You can also create Evaluations in bulk through the WeTrack importer. This will be easier if you are planning an entire readiness programme.

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