Viewing your capabilities in depth

The Capability Details Page is the place to view all information for a Capability. The Details tab contains the following information:

  • Title;

  • The capability's result the last time it was evaluated;

  • Its total number of evaluations;

  • A count of lessons and actions related to the capability;

  • The capability type;

  • The next time the capability will be evaluated;

  • Any owners and departments responsible for the capability.

Then, clicking 'Show More' reveals the following:

  • The Expected Severity of the capability;

  • Its priority;

  • A description;

  • Its ref code;

  • Any tags applied to the capability.

The Expected Results tab at the top of the page lets you type in what you would expect to happen when this capability is evaluated; the Locations tab lets you select a pre-defined venue for the capability; and the Subscribers tab lets you view and add subscribers.

The Tabs on the second half of the page show:

  • History โ€“ all changes to that capability, including when it is evaluated at any activity, and any related actions and lessons that are created and / or changed

  • Evaluations - a list of the activities at which this capability will be evaluated, including the ability to add new evaluations. View this article on the workflow for managing evaluations.

  • Lessons and Actions - any lessons and actions related to this capability.

  • Attachments - here you can view or add attachments to the capability.

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