Viewing your activities in depth

The Activity Details Page is the place to view all information for an Activity. The Details tab contains the following information:

  • Title;

  • Activity Type, in name and icon;

  • Date on which the Activity will be taking place;

  • The owner of the Activity;

The Show More tab shows:

  • The event to which the activity relates;

  • Description;

  • Ref code;

  • The date on which the activity was created.

The Location tab allows you to assign your activity to a pre-defined venue.

The Tabs on the second half of the page show:

  • History - all changes to any evaluations taking place at this activity, including the ability to add comments;

  • Evaluations – a breakdown of evaluation results at this activity, a list of all the capabilities being evaluated at this activity, and the option to add/remove them. You can update GRAB results for the evaluation in this view, but we would recommend following this workflow to input results and feedback.

  • Debrief - a free-text field where you can type summary de-brief notes at the end of the activity.

  • Attachments - view and add attachments here.

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