Your readiness capabilities

A capability is a thing that needs to be tested to ensure that your event is ready to be delivered. Capabilities are tested at multiple activities in evaluations.

A full list of your capabilities can be found by selecting ‘Capabilities’ in the sidebar, taking you to your Capabilities List. This is a filterable list of capabilities showing the following information: 

  • Most Recent GRAB status (evaluation result) for the capability;

  • Title;

  • Title of the next activity at which this capability will be evaluated;

  • Lozenges showing additional information: the number of times it is scheduled to be evaluated, capability type, owner(s), department(s), and priority.

  • Buttons to add or view comments and attachments;

  • More button, signified by 3 dots: here are options to share, archive, delete, subscribe to updates, or add an update of your own.

At the top of the list are options to sort or edit the list, add new capabilities, search for a capability, or see a breakdown of the most recent GRAB results.

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