Your readiness activities

An activity is a test exercise for your event’s readiness; it is an exercise at which your capabilities will be tested and rated in evaluations.

A full list of your activities can be found by selecting ‘Activities’ in the sidebar. This is a filterable list of activities showing the following information: 

  • Type, such as Test Event, or Walkthrough, displayed as the icon on the left of the activity cards;

  • Title;

  • Date on which the activity will be taking place;

  • Lozenges showing additional information, such as event, owner, and venue;

  • A breakdown for the evaluations submitted at the activity;

  • A stamp indicating how far into the past or future this activity is or was scheduled;

  • The option to add and view attachments and comments;

  • More button, signified by 3 dots: here are options to share, archive, delete, subscribe to updates, or add an update of your own.

At the top of the list are options to sort or edit the list, add new activities, search for an activity, or view only activities with unsubmitted evaluations.

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